Friday, March 8, 2013

Looking forward to convention!

Last year, a couple friends and I went to the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention and loved it! We all decided then and there that we were going back in 2013. My tickets are purchased, the hotel room is reserved, and the dates in April are blocked off.

So, the other day, when an email came announcing the conference schedule, I was thrilled to download it and grab my yellow highlighter to mark the seminars that interest me. Wow, the list is lengthy! Here are a few that caught my eye.
  • Dealing with Dyslexia and Other Reading Issues
  • The Best Micro Business for a Teenager to Start This Week
  • Exploding the Supermom Myth
  • Teach, Reteach, and Review More Effectively Using All Eight.... (all eight WHAT?!?!?)
  • Homeschooling a Child with Learning Challenges
  • Exposing the Wizard of Oz: A Christian's Guide to Teaching History
  • Your Child's Future: Being Real in Cyber World
  • Increasing Your Child's Non-fiction Reading Level
  • Free College at Your Fingertips
  • Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination
  • The Logic of English: A New Way to See Words
  • Teaching Foreign Language At Home.... It Is Important 
  • Three "Missing Links" Your Child MUST Know
  • How to Get Your Child to Write an Essay Without... (Without WHAT?)
  • Multisensory Grammar
  • Habit Revisited: The Importance of Habit Training in Your Child's Education
And those are just from the first day of the conference!! Two more learning-filled days follow that!

I am sure you can note my clear bias toward language arts and history from the ones that I marked. :-) Some of the speakers I am most excited about hearing are: Andrew Pudewa (again), Adam Andrews (again), Linda Lacour Hobar (author of Mystery of History), Steve Demme (Math-U-See), Diana Waring (whom I heard speak years ago), and more!

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