Friday, January 20, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - January 20

1 - Innovation for Endurance 30 Day Challenge (30 days of activity - today is Day 20)
2 - Doing the Daniel Fast for 3 weeks (am on Day 17)
3 - Perfecting my karate form WITH POWER
1 - Weigh-in Wednesday showed 8.2 lbs down in two weeks
2 - Got the Brit Lit essays and the Wordsmith book reviews graded and returned
3 - Sorted through all the upstairs books and have a huge pile of books to get rid of.
1 - Getting rid of those books! lol

2 - Finding a deal on a new laptop
3 - Helped the girls clean up their room - wow, THAT was a project!

From the Library: The Art of Reading DVD course (The Great Courses) - I am halfway through listening to the 24 lectures.
On My Kindle:  one of the Lord John books by Diana Gabaldon (borrowed from the library!)
Netflix: a little Parenthood (one while I was on the treadmill!)
Redbox: Cowboys and Aliens (Liked it! Especially Daniel Craig in cowboy gear!), and Midnight in Paris (sweet movie!)
Recipes: Made myself some vegetable rice soup with a couple cans of vegetable broth, some leftover brown rice and some leftover stirfry veggies - YUMMY! I have enough left for one more meal.
What's New: a couple medium size bowls that are painted like my really large Italian ones

Serendipity: Suzy and James had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with their dear friends who moved to Texas a year and a half ago. They were in heaven!
Difficult Decision: Had to decide whether or not to hold the high school essay writing class since I only had about half the target enrollment. Waffled on it for days. Finally decided to cancel it.
Fun Times: went out for Thai food with friends on the spur of the moment. First time eating Thai and I ate vegetarian pineapple fried rice. (Because it was white rice, it was not QUITE in line with the Daniel fast, but I thought it was better to go and enjoy my friends than to stay home and eat my legalistic food. :-)
Anticipating: BOOK CLUB! This month is Persuasion!
Writing Progress: Disappointed to report there is no writing progress. I'm not Superwoman, you know! :-)


MICHELE said...

I beg to differ. You ARE superwoman! I love to read about the new things you're trying.

Anonymous said...

Pretty close, Lisa!!! Love, Mom