Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leaping Lemurs! A trip to the zoo....

Three of the kids and I headed out today to the Detroit Zoo with the promise of a lovely temperate sunny day. Everyone else in Metro Detroit apparently had the same idea! I've never seen the zoo parking lot overflowing with so many vehicles. The zoo itself was busy but not too overcrowded. We wandered about looking at everything and taking pictures. We haven't been in a long while. Suzy didn't even remember the place!

My favorite were the leaping lemurs - both ring-tailed and ruffed. They were fighting - so cute! We were also impressed with the meerkats, crocodiles, peacocks, prairie dogs, and polar bear.

Check the slideshow for some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Such a perfect day to visit the zoo! (Didn't see any photos in your slideshow, though...) Love, Mom