Monday, May 23, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - May 22

Current Mood: Outside: Sunny and 81!Wearing: red tank top, shorts, and sunscreen!
Tunes: Toto
Kids Are: 1 in the shower washing off the sand, the rest are sucking on their slushies
Hubby Is: napping
Made Me Laugh: Pirates of the Caribbean 4
Made Me Sad: I wish I'd taken pictures at the homeschool convention; it was such a lovely time with friends!
Made Me Smile: Having my parents visit today
Blessings: James got to go on a wonderful boys' campout this weekend. He loved it and can't wait for next year. The homeschool convention this weekend was a lot of fun, though that was more due to the company than the convention itself.
Reading: haven't finished anything I've been reading, though I am working away at them all. Started Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin.
Watching: The IT Crowd, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (4), Quantum Leap, Wings
Considering: Gotta get a new printer - mine died
Working On: switching out the winter clothes and bringing in the summer things
Accomplishments: Didn't go crazy in the vendor hall at the convention and only spent money I had!
Lessons: This is our last week before summer break. Karate testing is this week too!
Agenda: Working 5 hours M-F, karate, soccer practices and games, grading essays, a park day, book club and a 5K on Memorial Day
Pic: Suzy on her 9th birthday with her handcrafted card from Grandma. She was very impressed with it!

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Denise said...

Last week of regular lessons! Whoo hoo. I just ordered a bunch of bridge workbooks for the kids this summer, will try to keep up on things during the summertime like you do. Seems like a good plan, hopefully we'll actually do it. :)

Cute pic of Suzy with her card!