Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - April 3

Current Mood: Tired
Outside: THUNDER SNOW! And once again, the ground is white. And it's supposed to get up to 50 DURING THE NIGHT. WTH???
Wearing: jeans and a grey sweatshirt. That's like my uniform.
Tunes: Didn't listen to much all week really. Sad, isn't it?
Kids Are: 2 are doing writing lessons they skipped during the week. 2 are watching Holes.
Hubby Is: napping. Surprise!
Made Me Laugh: Psych! I just LOVE that show! SOO clever!
Made Me Sad: Someone I considered a friend hasn't been acting like one.
Made Me Drool: Macaroni and cheese PIZZA at Cici's today! YUUUUUMMMMMY!!! (Don't knock it til you've tried it!)
Blessings: My new camera takes good videos!
Reading: Started a book but not sure I like it. Also going to be finishing Wives and Daughters this week. Then I can listen to some Gabaldon!!!
Watching: Henry Poole Was Here and lots of Psych
Considering: the details of an essay class I am going to teach this spring. It's a repeat of the one I taught last year, but I need to charge a bit more or do less essay grading.
Working On: soccer registration fliers, also the bedroom rearranging project
Accomplishments: Finished another year of co-op! Woot!
Lessons: going to focus on IEW this week. Also David's math is getting really hard and he can't do as much in a week. So, re-adjusting my expectations for him.
Agenda: Working 4 hours M-F, karate, a couple meetings
This is the skit my Austentatious class has been working on since the fall. We performed it Friday night at our co-op program. I'm second from the right and my daughter Emily is in the light green on the far right.

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Debbie Schlarb said...

I would try mac n' cheese pizza but I am skeptical about it. Sounds good though! Carb fest galore. :)