Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - April 17

Current Mood: Relaxed
Outside: SNOWING and 39 degrees. Blech! (last week it was 81 and sunny?!)
Wearing: Khaki pants, sapphire blue blouse, blue necklace, brown loafers, hair blown straight
Tunes: Listened to part of my Country Jog playlist
Kids Are: 1 is sitting here talking to me, 1 is on the computer, 2 are upstairs
Hubby Is: finishing lunch
Made Me Laugh: book club always makes me laugh! We have such fun! 
Made Me Sad: disagreements in my family
Made Me Drool: just THINKING about gelato makes me drool 
Blessings: Lesson plans are pretty much set for my essay class. Love teaching classes I already planned well and taught once before.
ReadingRun by Ann Patchett and listening to Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
Watching: Source Code (EXCELLENT), Psych (love it on Netflix instant) and Due Date (all the funny stuff was in the trailer and almost none of the crude stuff was), as well as Wives and Daughters at book club.
Considering: furniture purchases and a vehicle purchase as well
Working On: learning my karate form.
Accomplishments: Managed to run 2 miles on Tuesday. Just once this week. Rain rain rain snow....
Lessons: Starting Emily on HELP math this week - 2 week trial to see how we like it. Also Em and David are taking my essay class (along with 18 other students).
Agenda: Working 4 hours M-F, karate, soccer practices and games, the 1st essay class
Pic: Check out these directions to a local theater!


Debbie Schlarb said...

That theater doesn't seem to local to me!

Denise said...

I love good movies, will write down "Source Code" and watch it.

Good job running!!

Are we fighting?? :D

Niffercoo said...

Is there a particular reason you have to make a detour in OK/KS first? If they are going to detour you, I'd prefer for it to be GA/TN! :)