Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - March 6

Current Mood: Tired

Outside: Dark, icy and cold

Wearing: Jeans, black long sleeved tee, short sleeved striped sweater, slippers, and a big grey sweatshirt

Tunes: listened to Persuasion by Jane Austen this week, and David played some music for me from his new fav band - Abney Park (steampunk sound)

Kids Are: 3 are asleep (I think) and 1 is banging around upstairs working on some computers

Hubby Is: Asleep

Made Me Laugh: Bowling with Emily and her friends

Made Me Sad: hearing of the tragic accident Friday morning that took the life of a local high school girl and injured two more.

Made Me Drool: Sally posted the "It's Raining Men" video. Yes, that always makes me drool. :-)

Blessings: My daughter is FOURTEEN. And Bob bought me a sewing machine.

Reading: Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo and Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

Watching: Blast from the Past, Ice Castles (the new one; but the DVD messed up so I missed the end), Psych

Considering: Regency hairstyles for all of us. Em and I will wear our hair up. Emily will probably have pearls in hers. David is gonna need a haircut but he's resisting. He had agreed to Mr. Elton's haircut, but conveniently "forgot" that he did so. (That's Mr. Elton in all these pix. And if you have forgotten, David's hair is that same color now.) And no, neither Emily nor I will be wearing our hair like Harriet Smith, the girl Mr. Elton is advising on her painting. lol What do you think of Mr. Elton's hair? The Austentatious girls like it a lot and are turning the screws in hopes of pressuring David into honoring his promise. lololol

Working On: the last parts of our Regency costumes. And the yearbook. Still.

Accomplishments: Driving home tonight - it was the worst winter drive I can remember. And I was not even expecting bad weather. Thankfully we made it home safely.

Lessons: Going to start Suzy on Draw-Write-Now just to give her something to practice writing and drawing. She needs something independent she can work on when I'm busy. I bought the 8 volume set from someone online for a song.

Agenda: Lessons, working 5 hours M-F, support group, field trip, dentist

Pic: This space heater is the reason we didn't freeze while waiting (2 weeks) for our furnace part. It keeps the downstairs pretty warm, actually.


MICHELE said...

Can't wait to see LOTS of pictures of the Regancy Ball!!!

I'm copying your logbook!


Debbie Schlarb said...

That drive home sounds awful!