Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - December 19

Outside: Dark, cold. Winter.

Sounds: Movie on TV, chuckling from the kids, and the text message alert periodically

Home: Tree up and presents mostly wrapped.

Projects: Christmas cards and cookies

Pondering: some healthy eating changes

Teaching: Xmas break!

Gratitude: A very satisfying family Christmas celebration

Recipes: Penuche, fudge and cookies - sugar overload!

Duds: PJ's, robe, and woolen socks

Reads: Reading Sala's Gift by Ann Kirschner and Juliet by Anne Fortier. Listening to The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe tomorrow.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Was disappointingly not very much like the book. Unlike some have said, I don't think it quite captured "the spirit" of the Narnia books. But it was entertaining. And quite scary and violent too.
Castle (Season 2) - 3 episodes while wrapping presents
How to Train Your Dragon - watching now (Gerard! Butler! With an ACCENT!)

Hopes: Suzy to have a wonderful time with her grandparents, aunt, and cousin

Love: shopping online!

Plans: Working 5 hours M-F, making cookies, visiting a friend or two, going to look at Christmas lights, wrapping presents, Christmas Eve service?

Pic: My siblings and me (in the red)

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Niffercoo said...

Did I ever reply back to your text that it was a Circle K we stopped at. My mom was a bit confused when I saw it and had to pull in for our rest break! Then I totally flipped her out by taking the picture of the sign! LOL Hope your Christmas week goes well! Hope we can talk soon!