Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekly Review - Week 19

We had five days of lessons this week, but we started late every day, so we didn't do things in the order I would have preferred. Bible time suffered the most. Recovering from a weekend spent scrapbooking with friends was more difficult than I imagined it would have been.


  • We read 2 Timothy 3-4 and 2 Kings 3-4.
  • We finished Chapter 3 of Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
  • We sang our January songs Mon-Thurs. Change My Heart Oh God and A New Name in Glory.
  • We had family prayer time Mon-Thurs.
  • I hoped to finish up the Friday lesson sometime on Saturday, but since it's after 4pm, it doesn't look likely to happen.
  • David worked on Lesson 4 (Distributive Property) in Algebra 1.
  • Emily finished Lesson 26 in Gamma (Finding Factors, 25¢ = 1 Quarter) and did the test for that lesson.
  • She is continuing to review the multiple-digit multiplication that is so challenging for her.
  • James finished Lesson 14 (Multiply by 6) in Gamma and took the test. He began Lesson 15 (Skip Count by 4, 4 Quarts = 1 Gallon) and did 3 pages.
  • Suzy finished Lesson 15 (Addition, Making 10) in Alpha, took the test, and started Lesson 16 (Addition, Making 9).
Language Arts - Literature and Reading
  • David read Chapters 5-9 in Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold by Jean Fritz and answered comprehension questions for each chapter.
  • Emily read Chapters 5-14 Number the Stars and answered comprehension questions online.
  • James did 2 Read and Think Skill Sheets (A Beka).He is getting better at this!
  • James read pp22-47 from Animals Do the Strangest Things and wrote each day in his literature journal about it.
  • Suzy read 4 Bob Books and wrote in her literature journal. She has moved into the 3rd set of Bob Books now. These books are harder and I decided to go back and do some easier short-vowel readers, which are free printables from
  • James and Suzy each did 8 pages in their Explode the Code books.
  • Everyone did some silent reading throughout the week.
Language Arts - Writing
  • David and Emily finished Lesson 8 and began Lesson 9 in IEW: SWI-B (Institute for Excellence in Writing: Student Writing Intensive, Junior High Level).
  • Everyone wrote in their Communication Journals.
  • Everyone wrote a letter.
Language Arts - Other
  • David and Emily both did several pages in Easy Grammar about helping verbs.
  • David, Emily, and James each did 4 lessons in Spelling Power.
  • David, Emily, and James played a game of Rummy Roots.
  • James and Suzy did 3 pages of penmanship.
  • David worked on Apologia Physical Science Module 5 which was on water. He did two experiments. He will finish this module next week.
  • Emily, James, and Suzy had the week off Science.
  • David read Chapters 16-26 in History of US: The New Nation 1789-1850 (Book 4 by Joy Hakim) and answered comprehension questions, some orally, some written.
  • Emily, James, and Suzy did a preview of the information in the second quarter of Mystery of History 2.
  • They studied the lessons on the Dark Ages and King Arthur.
  • We all watched a documentary: The Dark Ages (The History Channel ) (90 minutes)
Other activities
  • Most of the kids worked on the computer for art and typing.
  • Pioneer Club and Chess Club were cancelled due to weather.
  • James went to soccer training clinic on Tuesday night.
I wonder what I can add to these Weekly Review posts to make them more interesting to you. I post them mainly because they help me to see that we are indeed progressing, but I would like them to be useful to my readers as well. Pictures? links? videos? audio? Comments are welcome!

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Brandi said...

I like your reviews. It helps me think about what I should be doing more of.

Where do you find the books for lit., and where do you get the comprehension questions?

I think I need to do more of this. Hunter is so good at reading and comprehending that I think I have not pushed him to keep up.