Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She knows I like blue....

Suzy (age 11) painted watercolors on wet paper yesterday as part of her art lesson. She and I both selected some lessons from The Usborne Book of Art Ideas and she has been completing one per week.

This lovely piece of art was waiting on my desk after she had gone to bed last night.

In case you can't read it, the words say: for Mom Because of the Blue. I ♥ U.

I ♥ her too!

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Wee Pip said...

Awww, that's so sweet:) It's nice when they're old enough to enjoy art on their own (i.e, can get stuff out, follow directions, and clean up afterwards). That's what makes art worth doing:) Can't go wrong with an Usborne art book - those are always fun!