Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Co-op Classes

When is co-op? Is co-op this Friday?

Those are questions I have heard numerous times over the years. My kids love our homeschool co-op which meets, as you may have guessed, every other Friday during the school year. Co-op provides the opportunity to take unique classes, especially ones that mom cannot teach.

This year my kids are taking the following classes.

Emily - age 16
What Color is my Parachute Careers Class
Play! Improv (improvisational drama)
Shutter Bugs (Advanced Digital Photography)
Written & Illustrated (each child writes and illustrates a book)

James -age 13
Outdoor Survival Skills (building fires, using knives, etc.)
Electric Mischief (creating projects that use electricity)
Beginner Guitar
Personal Protection & Fitness (self-defense and krav maga fitness)

Suzy - age 11
PE for ages 8-11
Zoology Swimming Creatures (Apologia)
Little House Activities (based on the Little House book series)
Cupcake Creations

So, now you know what keeps us busy every other Friday!

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