Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - June 24

The Avengers!

1 - Getting back into the routine of fitness while trying to balance recovery from these injuries
2 - Finishing all co-op stuff by Saturday (so Dar and I can take off the month of July)
Shakespeare's Coriolanus
- very intense!
3 - Keeping the kids busy.

1 - Bob fixed the AC in his car (Now I wonder if mine will be fixable??)
2 - David replaced the thermal paste on my computer processor and I think it fixed the overheating problem I was having. 
3 - Worked 4.75 extra hours this week 

Projects: Getting books ready for a book sale in July

From the Library: a whole stack of Harry Potter books....
Theater: The Avengers for the 3rd time :-) (took Emily and Suzy)
Have been wrapping
my foot with thi
DVD: Coriolanus (a lesser-known Shakespeare play starring Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler), Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone, and John Carter

Cool Product: self-adhesive elastic sports bandage
What's New: A laptop "cooler" stand - angled with 3 fans. Works well to keep my laptop temperature down and I like the slight angle.

Serendipity: A whole day at home alone.... So peaceful!
Obsession: The Avengers... :-) :-)
Laptop stand with fans
Oops: The cable bill was put somewhere that WASN'T the bill basket, so it's overdue....

Fun Times: Went out for dinner with Bob to celebrate our anniversary - he had swordfish with scallops, mussels, and shrimp and I had filet mignon and sweet potato fries; Also got to spend two nights watching movies with friends - so fun!
Anticipating: Beach Day this week and Cousin Camp over the weekend. 
Writing Progress: None again

Gonna buy the DVD

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