Monday, December 5, 2011

Elbow Grease

It's Elbow Grease Week here at Cornerstone Home Learning Academy. What does this mean? 
Working 25 hours a week from home means I don't have a lot of time for house cleaning and chores. The students here at the academy are on a work-study program (meaning they do the cooking, cleaning, and yardwork). 
My children's approach to chores tends toward minimalism. Also, they appear to be wearing blinders when doing their tasks. For example, one might clean all the normal surfaces in the bathroom, but since the floor is not a daily chore, the child would probably ignore a muddy streak in the middle of the floor. 
Each child is responsible for two rooms/areas during each week, with normally specified chores to be done daily and weekly. The instructions I give do explain that the entire room is supposed to be clean, but the children seem to be ignorant of how to tell if that's the case.
In an effort to improve their thoroughness, I have declared this week Elbow Grease Week. I have put forth a challenge: choose one additional (normally unassigned) area in your assigned room that needs some cleaning or organizing attention. And Clean It! 
The area that shows the most effort and benefit will get a prize each day! And the best for the week will get an even better prize! You know that great feeling that you get when you've done a good job and that surface is now shiny clean and organized? Hopefully they'll get that reward too.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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Christy said...

My own live-in helpers tried to clean the house for Thanksgiving guests and for the millionth time, we discussed the difference between my idea of "clean" and theirs. They can't see the dirt/trash/hair/dust/streaks/crumbs etc. And I'm no clean freak by any stretch of the imagination!