Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - November 20

Current Mood: I have a headache, so a bit down... 
Outside: Overcast and low 40's 
Wearing: jeans, Browncoats tee, pink hoodie, slippers, wet hair 
Tunes: Mandisa, Straight No-Chaser, Wicked soundtrack 
Kids Are: 3 are outside and 1 is working on a robotics fundraiser. 
Hubby Is: puttering around in the dining room 
Something New: bought a "new" fluffy pink robe at the thrift store yesterday and also a Panthers football tee, as well as a couple pair of navy pants. I've needed navy pants FOREVER! 
Something Yummy: Had a couple slices of pumpkin creme roll at the ladies craft day yesterday - I love that! 
Blessings: I love Netflix instant! and fast internet! 
Reading: A Praying Life by Paul Miller. Jane Austen: A Life. Lady Susan by Jane Austen 
Watching: continuing my Austen theme with Northanger Abbey (2007), Emma (2009), Pride and Prejudice (1995), Mansfield Park (2007), Mansfield Park (1999) & The Jane Austen Book Club. Also watched The Change-Up (HORRIBLE! BLECH!) and Gamer on DVD, and The Immortals in the theater. 
Considering: the differences in convictions between Christians who all believe in the same God and are saved by the same Savior! Interesting thoughts... 
Working On: The Rollicking Readers' Guide to Jane Austen (my NaNoRebel Book) Accomplishments: finished teaching Oliver Twist 
Looking Forward to: Brit Lit movie night, Thanksgiving weekend - calm and quiet!

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