Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - October 2

Current Mood: Lazy
Outside: Sunny and 51 - brrr!
Wearing: jeans, navy tee, white socks, slippers, wet hair
Tunes: Christian music on the radio all day today (Bob's choice)
Kids Are: 1 is painting the stairwell, 3 are supposed to be cleaning their rooms.
Hubby Is: helping 1 with the painting.
Something New:  found refills for my eyelash curler at Sally Beauty - looked at Walmart without success.
Something Yummy: Brownie sundaes for my birthday - delish! (No cake - bleh)
Blessings: My writing class is going very well. The great curriculum (Wordsmith) gets most of the credit for that!
Reading:   A Praying Life by Paul Miller (started my re-read). Getting ready for a quick re-read of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, in preparation for teaching it to Brit Lit. Thinking about some Gabaldon.....
Watching:  Glee Season 1 (kind of a guilty pleasure), Moneyball (in the theater, long and very slow), Friday Night Lights (season 5 is on Netflix instant now!)
Considering: churches again....
Working On: Oliver Twist lessons, writing class lesson plans, sorting books and getting rid of things.
Accomplishments: Finished Three Musketeers! Got the October lesson plan sheets completed and printed. Finally made it in to get my hair cut - love it!
Looking Forward to: Seeing Twelfth Night at GVSU. Girl time coming up this weekend!

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