Saturday, August 28, 2010

Co-op Class Choices

Homeschool Co-op begins in less than two weeks! Here are the classes my kids are taking this year. (14 bi-weekly sessions Sept-April)

David, age 15 - Script Ninjas (learning to write Visual Basic Scripting, a computer language), American Revolution (history class, with a 'class trip' to Washington DC in the spring), Financial Peace for Teens (yes, Dave Ramsey), Dodgeball (just what it sounds like....)

Emily, age 13 - Chill Out (hanging out with other teens), Steppin' In'To Glory (worship dance), Austentatious (the Jane Austen class I am teaching - reading all the novels and watching film adaptations), Beautiful You (manners, grooming, Bible study)

James, age 10 - Art Masterpieces (an awesome art class), Chronicles of Professor Kaleidoscope (a history/science class taught by my inimitable and irrepressible friend Michele), Physical Education for ages 10+, Treasure Island Adventure (reading the book Treasure Island and doing related projects)

Suzanne, age 8 - Shout it Out (Cheerleading & PomPom), Kids Concoctions (creating cool concoctions and learning science), Suitcase Adventures (Also taught by Michele - when she's teaching, my kids are there!), Travelling Thru Time (a history class)

If you want to see the entire schedule, go HERE, and for class descriptions, click HERE.

We love co-op. And honestly? At this point, it's probably the only thing keeping me homeschooling.


Wee Pip said...

Suzy and Zoiya will be in 2 classes together. Emily, Alaithia, & Zoiya will be in dance together. We're really looking forward to co-op!

Denise said...

Your co-op group is so wonderful. We don't have something so nice over here, even though homeschooling is so popular. It all costs big $$$. Your kids made good choices!!

Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to co-op, too.

Had to look up the word inimitable... I never heard the word before... wow, is it ever fun to say.

You're too kind, with your compliments. WHY THEN.. does my sweet hormonal son, think my classes are cheesy? And, begged me NOT to put him in them. He says I embarass him!! Kinda sad for me.

Ah well, at least I can help other kids out.


~Byn There said...

First, I think it's a little more than co-op that keeps you homeschooling. Stay strong my friend. :)

2) Washington trip--Wow. That's a big project to undertake, God Bless who's overseeing it.

3) Didn't go to the schedule but who'd doing your worship dance?

and lastly I wholeheartedly agree, Mrs. Peasley rocks, even if her son doesn't get it. [Don't worry Michelle, you'll get your cool back in his eyes in when he's 28!]


Debbie Schlarb said...

sounds like quite a variety of classes!