Monday, July 19, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - July 18

Outside: 79 now and overcast and very humid. We have a severe thunderstorm watch until later this evening.

Sounds: Fans, cicadas, David on the xbox, James doing dishes, Bob reminiscing about the farm

Home: Bob bought me an electric griddle and a HUGE George Foreman grill at the thrift store.

Projects: Soccer - making teams and ordering uniforms - ok, I know I keep saying this and one day I will actually DO it.

Pondering: why anyone would allow their child to play a handheld video game through an entire church service

Teaching: oh, crud - gotta think about that now....

Gratitude: for a wonderful lady who stepped up to organize the homeschool group (and co-op) this year - thank you, Darlene!

Recipes: made milk shakes this weekend, think we will have orange creamsicle floats tonight

Duds: brown tee, khaki capris, barefeet, hair in ponytail

Reads: Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens (downloaded the audiobook free from Librivox) and SIZZLING SIXTEEN by Janet Evanovich

Vids: Grownups (in the theater - funny, but for... well... grownups, lol), Despicable Me (also theater), an episode of Big Bang Theory (not worth your time - don't bother)

Hopes: that I can get the soccer teams made this week and uniforms ordered. It's been hanging over my head long enough.

Love: having the easy set pool set up this year. The kids can play while I work - they're happy and I get my work done. (Also love having two teens old enough to watch their younger siblings play.)

Plans: Working 4 hours M-F, Beach Day, Soccer (S,J,E), Co-op Registration & Book Sale, Youth Group Car Wash (D,E), Book Club!

Pic: Sorry - no time for a pic!


Christy said...

I want a Foreman grill! Pools are great - mine is about to be used again. May need to break down and get a bigger one next summer. Unfortunately, there used to be an inground pool that was removed before we bought the house.

Debbie Schlarb said...

Your summer food desserts sound awesome!