Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - March 21

Outside: Overcast and chilly. This week is supposed to get back into the 50's and hopefully we'll see the sun!

Sounds: James playing a computer game and David giving him advice

Home: Making SURE Bob gets the water heater and sump pump THIS WEEK

Projects: Sister Weekend questions, getting ahead on Spanish lesson plans

Pondering: if I can resume exercising this week or if my foot needs another week of rest

Teaching: Finishing up Lightning Thief this week

Gratitude: Thankful that we sold the camper within 24 hours of posting it on Craigslist

Recipes: Bob is going to make cornflake-marshmallow bars. I want Brandi's recipe for jello pretzel dessert - I ate THREE helpings last night! Yummmmmmmy!

Duds: Jeans, black long sleeved tee, magenta shawl-collar sweater

Reads: Listening to Diana Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone on Playaway and almost done with Jasper Fforde's The Well of Lost Plots (3rd of the Thursday Next books)

Vids: The Bounty Hunter, Wuthering Heights (2009), New Moon

Hopes: that we can find a different camper that fits both our needs and our budget and that is presentable and mechanically sound - yeah, we don't want much, do we? lol

Love: Dove truffle eggs - ate more than my share already!

Plans: Teaching Spanish, Working 4 hours M-F, Co-op, Sister Weekend!

Pic: The girls had a "tea party" outside as part of their devotions. Emily is working through a devotional book with Suzy and tea parties are the theme of the book.


Denise said...

You can buy a really big cool tent!!! We love our tent, really easy to store, too. It never breaks down. :D

Anonymous said...

I love old campers, tea parties and especially the jello pretzel dessert!!!!!!- Janet

Anonymous said...

I love old campers, tea parties and especially the jello pretzel dessert.. I am intrigued with its texture; salty, creamy, sweet..yum!- Janet